It's possible that Rye Baby is the love child of Dolly Parton and Link Wray, or even Loretta Lynn and The Cramps. They won't say, choosing instead to let their music do the talking.

One thing is certain: this sassy yet substantive duo knows how to quicken your pulse. Their seamless fusion of rockabilly/surf with garage blues, rock n' roll and a pinch of punk country will stir your soul. Separately they are forces of nature as multi-instrumentalists and storytellers; together their combined talents result in a rollicking, high-energy show you won't soon forget. Songs like "Doomsday Wedding" and "Creek Gon' Rise" showcase the way Rye Baby defies genre labels and exceeds expectations.

Since forming in 2013, Rye Baby's constant touring has brought them an ardent fanbase in the southeast. Being native southerners, their engaging storytelling comes naturally. What makes them unforgettable is the passion and chemistry evident in every note.

Their latest single, Doomsday Wedding as well as the 2017 E.P., Shiny Fiction, available now on Bandcamp and most mainstream digital platforms and streaming services.

Rye Baby is: Jennifer Brumlow (vocals, drums, guitar, harmonica) and Callie Harmon (baritone guitar, electric guitar, vocals, and drums).